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Eddie Bye
Director | Audiocity

M: 0417883608

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I interact with producers every day and it’s important they are clear, efficient and can direct both clients and voice artists, Eddie bye is everything you need in a producer. He is always a pleasure to work with, for casting, he knows all the high-profile voiceover talent while also interested in hearing young new voices in the industry. All the voice artists I represent love working with Eddie, enjoying both his company and his direction in the booth. I could not recommend Eddie more.
Rachel Cousins, Agent EM Voices
Eddie was one of the first people to hire me after my move from London eight years ago.  The great thing about Eddie is that he knows what he wants and is equally open to ideas.  I trust Eddie as a director to get the best out of me, and I know he trusts me to deliver.  We always do the ‘right’ amount of takes – never too many, never too few.  This isn’t as commonplace as you may think, so whenever I am booked for an Eddie Bye job, I know it will be fun, rewarding, and not feel like we’re pushing string uphill.  I’m also pretty sure he feels the same, so as a result, we continue to collaborate regularly to this day.
Rupert Degas, Voice Actor
I’ve been working with Eddie for … years now. As I’m in Melbourne and he’s in Adelaide we talk down the line and it’s always a joy to hear his friendly voice in my cans. Eddie has an incredible understanding of what makes an ad work and how to get the best out of me and my voice. Some of my best reads have been directed by Eddie, he’s an exceptional talent.
Gyton Grantly, Actor
Eddie Bye from Audiocity is the cream of the crop. I’ve worked with him, directing me in hundreds of Voice Overs over 10 years, and I always feel like he gets the best performance out of me every time. He’s supportive, and creative, and always fun, really knows how to put an artist at ease. He speaks our language, resulting in ultimately the best ads. Highest recommendations.
Cymone Rose, Australia’s leading female voice talent
Sessions with Eddie are always fun and light-hearted, which comes from his positive personality.
He has a great way of getting the best out of you as a voice artist.
Lee Perry, EM Voices
I’d had the privilege of working with many outstanding producers and sound engineers over many years – and they don’t come any better than Eddie Bye. Eddie is technically brilliant, a great director of talent and also highly instinctive. He understands how scenes work, how to evoke emotion and also how consumers think.
Ed’s always looking for ways to bring an ounce more humanity or authenticity to even the most unfussy piece or add some insanely clever audio flourish that I can never think up, but that always transforms the finished message. Eddie’s simply a pleasure to work with – not only because he creates a fun environment in the studio, but because I can always depend on him to make whatever I’ve written infinitely better. And if that’s not enough, clients love him!
Mark Stevens, 3 Bongos